Reach Performs at Crown

Crown College Musical Drama Team Reach

Crown College Musical Drama Team – Reach

Since 2008, Crown College has sent out a traveling musical drama team to perform at schools, churches and other venues for youth and adults to enjoy great music and thoughtful dialogue. Below is the 2011-2012 musical drama team, Reach, performing in the Crown Chapel during the spring 2012 semester finals week. Enjoy these talented students as they sing, dance and offer some food for thought. Enjoy!

REACH, an arts-based performance team from Crown College, is reaching out to to churches in the community through the visual arts, drama, comedy, music, and dance. The seven member cast of Crown students minister at churches and schools throughout the school year and into the summer months. Each show aims to challenge Christians to examine their faith, beliefs, and commitments in creative ways, as they honor their Creator. The production weaves together compelling acting with talented voices in order to bring biblical truths to life.

This performance brings those in attendance into a place of worship as powerful lyrics as well as fun songs point to God. This year the team had great success in both performing and interacting with people all over the region.

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Crown Basketball Team Serves the Community

Article By Luke Herbert
For two years now, the Crown College men’s basketball team partnered with the Waconia Food Pantry to assist with their “Stuff a Truck” campaign. In conjunction with Mackenthun’s of Waconia, local schools, merchants, and citizen’s donated an estimated 9,000 pounds of food to the organization located in downtown Waconia.

This year’s haul was bigger than previous years as food was distributed to area food shelves based on size and need. Local food shelf volunteers estimate that almost 30,000 pounds of food go out over the holiday season. A donation of this size greatly contributes to the impact that the food pantry can make with local families in need.

After pallets of food were unloaded from the back of a semi with the help of a forklift, members of the team worked with community members to form a human chain, passing the boxes and bags in through the basement door and window into three separate holding rooms. Once all the food was inside, the real work began, as the team unloaded, sorted, and placed all of the food on the shelves.

In all, the 14 team members and two coaches spent about three and half hours stacking ramen, sorting canned goods, and readying the four and a half tons of food for the community’s less fortunate.

“We love the volunteers and mission of the Waconia Food Pantry,” noted Coach Luke Herbert. “This is our second year working with them and we fully intend to make it an annual event. I’m really proud of how hard our team worked and the great attitude they had all evening. We’re really thankful to have the opportunity to see the community’s giving spirit in action.”

This story comes from the UMAC website.

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College Life – Time Balance

2011-2012 Women’s Soccer Team – Amanda Wichman is on the bottom right laying on the grass

by Amanda Wichman – Women’s Soccer – Class of 15′ at Crown College

Time can be one of the most stressful aspects of college.  When I was going away to school, people always told me that College was completely different than high school in the aspect of managing your time.  They were all right, and I quickly discovered that College would be a balancing act.  Along with school there is also work, sports, and trying to fit a social life into all this.

Being a student athlete is a tough, yet rewarding college experience.  It pushes you to your limits by taking your extra time very afternoon and even your weekends, but you truly learn discipline from being forced to manage your time in your very tight schedule.  You also create a bond with your teammates that you can’t get anywhere else.  You all go through the same things together, and if you do feel too stressed from homework, teams come together and are always willing to help each other.  I would suggest being a student athlete to anyone considering it.

If you add a job into the factor it can create a lot more conflicts within a college career.  This is definitely necessary for some students, but it is a great idea to try to get an on campus job.  On campus jobs ensure that you don’t have to factor in drive time, and your employer will be more flexible about hours and adjusting to the busier portion of a semester which, in the end, will lead to a less stressful job and school life.

There will always be ways to manage time to fit in all the extra activities you want, but it is always important to know your limits and be realistic of what you can handle.  Balance your life by doing the things you enjoy to make your college years memorable.

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Crown College Graduation Videos…

This year we had a wonderful class of student graduate from Crown College both in the Traditional Undergraduate program and the Adult and Graduate Studies programs. These student represent a majority of the 50 states and many countries around the world. Some study on campus and others completed their degrees remotely through our award winning online degree programs. No matter where they studied, Crown College is very proud of the hard work they put forth and the solid community they help develop on campus and abroad.

Here you can watch the graduation ceremonies from the comfort of your own home. The Adult & Graduate Studies Commencement ceremony began at 10:00am and the Undergraduate Commencement took place at 2:30pm in the Crown College Gym.

We’re so proud of our graduating class of 2012. They’ve been a blessing to us. Now it’s time for them to be a blessing to others. We pray God’s best for their future!

Here is the Undergraduate Commencement:

Here is the Adult and Graduate Studies Commencement:

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Community Through Renovations…

by Amanda Wichman – class of ’15

Crown College has earned the reputation of having an undeniable sense of community that flourishes throughout campus.  God is doing great things at Crown and blessing this campus with a growth in the number of incoming students each year.  There also needs to be changes in the structure of campus in order to accommodate these incoming students.  This summer, Crown is doing much needed renovations on Strohm and Richardson Halls.  Next summer, there are plans in place for a new football stadium, and recently, students were given the opportunity to be involved in some of the smaller changes taking place on campus.

On Community Day, students and faculty joined together and planted over 200 shrubs around campus. We had the opportunity to join with our coaches, professors, and piers to help with the improvements of our school. This was a small preview of great things to come for Crown.  By helping with improving the landscaping of the school, we were given a hands-on experience to get used to our changing campus.

            After volunteering, everyone had a picnic outside where we all were able to gather and de-stress from finals over a good lunch.  Crown’s emphasis on community within the campus was realized throughout the entire year.  Consistently, the one thing that doesn’t change about our school is the fact that we are all a united body of Christ, and Crown won’t change that as much as the campus’ appearance changes.  The ideas that our school is founded upon are strong and with all these renovations and new students, there is certainty in the Christian ethics bringing unity within our school.

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Being Bold…

By Hattie Goplen

Life is about being bold; change isn’t always wanted, but when God calls, sometimes we have no choice but to answer. My life transformed in less than three days last August, and a school year down, I look back reflecting on how far I have come. Literally.

By now I am sure most of you have heard about me, the crazy chick that transferred schools as a senior.  I had no idea what I was getting into when I rang Professor Grainger in early August. Between his surprise and my ignorance on the whole situation, I confidently stated that I was moving in two days and wanted to come to Crown College. I believe his exact words were, “Okay, let’s make it work.” I now realize what he really meant was I would become his paperwork nightmare; believe it or not transferring in with over 100 credits isn’t exactly a piece of cake. For this I extend my sincerest apologies to the registrar’s office for putting up with me!

So that was it! I packed up my apartment in Moorhead, MN quite my two jobs and internship, withdrew from Minnesota State University Moorhead, said farewell to my dear friends of three years and left.  Now you, like the rest of campus, are probably wondering why on earth would someone in their right mind leave a school where they could no doubt graduate from and start over as a senior at a new place?

I have no idea. I really don’t. All I know is God has a funny way of showing you an open door when there doesn’t seem to be one. You see I was comfortable. I had everything I needed where I was, but I missed Him.  I knew it would be harder to just start over and come to a place where I literally had never been before nor did I even know anyone here, yet I knew if I pursued Him, He would show up for me. And guess what? He did! I have transitioned and adjusted to Crown and have grown to love it. I have no idea what is in store for me next, but I learned one very important lesson this year. Being bold for Christ doesn’t always make sense nor is it easy, but it is always, always worth it.

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See Graduation LIVE on Ustream…

Streaming live from Crown College, you can watch the graduation ceremony from the comfort of your own home. Click on the link below to see the 2012 graduation ceremonies.

– Adult & Graduate Studies Commencement ceremony begins at 10:00am in the Gym
– Undergraduate Commencement begins at 2:30pm in the Gym

Reception to follow after both graduation ceremonies in the Cafeteria and Coffee Shoppe areas. We’re so proud of our graduating class of 2012. They’ve been a blessing to us. Now it’s time for them to be a blessing to others. We pray God’s best for their future!


After the live stream, the video will be archived and available to watch on Ustream anytime.