Crown Students voted in as Political Delegates

By Joy Chen

     Crown students Nick Beottcher and Jeffery Ingle have been voted in to support Ron Paul in his running for presidency. Nick Beottcher is delegate of the congressional district, and Jeffery Ingle is a state delegate. Nick Boettcher would be going to California for further rounds of voting process. Below is a conversation I had with Jeff about the responsibilities of being a presidential delegate in the 2012 election.

Chen: Could you please explain how the process goes in the voting rounds?

Ingle: There are essentially three groups of people that would have the eligibility to be voted in, and they are all parallel. The first being the congressional district, second is the state, and finally there is a party’s political office that have the most people involved. And the convention would be a meeting of delegates from different states. For example, I’m a delegate sent from the county level. My title would be Carver County Delegate to the State Convention. The media places great interest on Caucus, anyone who desires to vote for the Republican party would show up, this procedure is called a straw poll. On the Caucus night, people nominate themselves as delegate to represent the precinct. After the straw poll, people would vote. Then those that are voted in would go from precinct to the county.

Chen: What are some of your observance during this process?

Ingle: There are not many contestants in the precinct. We communicate with supporters of Ron Paul and discuss strategies to move our group further. It is really interesting that though we started off the “under dog”, with fewer people, but through Facebook and other social media we created close contact with each other, voting for each other. It’s a team effort. While the other representatives are more individualistic, that even though they began with a larger number of people, their votes are rather scattered. Ron Paul supporters would seek out their allies and become more organized as opposed to those that support Rick Santorum, another Republican.

Chen: Do you have any statistics or data to explain the change?

Ingle: Sure, for instance, at the precinct there were roughly 10% of Ron Paul supporters, at the county it grew into 30%, now I believe the number has reached 52%.

Chen: What is your motivation of delving into this political campaign for Ron Paul?

Ingle: Nick and I agree with Paul’s beliefs such as Conservative Libertarianism, and Constitutionalism. Basically, he’s advocating for a limitation on government powers, the sound usage of money, and adhere to the Constitution. The role of government nowadays has greatly altered from the original Law.  Presidents could declare war before the permission of Congress, only to ask for the Congress’ approval after their actions. This is an outwardly violation of the Constitution, and Ron Paul strives to end this madness.

Chen: In which ways is Ron Paul’s ideas pertain to the Christian faith?

Ingle: If you would look into Romans 13 you would have a better understanding of what God initially appointed government’s’ roles to be. Libertarians hold the opinion that God set up several types of governments. First, there is the self government, individuals’ responsibility to control oneself. Then, there is the family government, the political government shall not interfere with how parents raise children. Third comes the political government, who administrates God’s will but should not exceed their power limit. Ron Paul is a Christian, but he doesn’t vocalize his faith excessively during the campaign for he thinks that’s a personal issue.

Chen: How did you become interested in politics?

Ingle: I grew up in a family that my parents kept me politically informed. The house church that I went to as a child also created a good political atmosphere for me to learn all I need about politics. In 2008, I was first voted in and made my way to the county level.

Chen: What would be some of the changes or moves that Ron Paul would launch if he was elected?

Ingle: He would eliminate five government departments that are regulatory. These departments tell people what not to do, apart from that they have no other functions. He is capable of doing this because this is under the power of the president instead of the congress. I reckon he would also end the wars and stop printing excessive money. There are many more things that I could mention, but you can go to his website to find out more information on how Ron Paul’s plans to direct America as president of the United States:

For more information on how the delegate system works, this is a very informational video regardless of your political affiliation: How the Delegate Systems Works

For info on the College you can contact Crown at 1-800-68-CROWN or go to:

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