Crown Hmong Student Fellowship

HSF Club at President Rick Mann's House

HSF Club at President Rick Mann's House

By Stephanie Lee, Communication Arts Major | Class of 2012

Stephanie Lee with Cheri Mann

Stephanie Lee with Cheri Mann

Alongside several other campus clubs and ministries here at Crown College, exists the Hmong Student Fellowship, known as HSF. Having been established for only eight years, I am honored to say that I have had the opportunity to be a part of this club for half of those years. My involvement in the club my first three years was just as a member, but this 2011-2012 school year, God called me to serve on board as the HSF secretary. It has been an experience filled with times of stress and business, but mostly joy, fun, and spiritual growth.

You’re probably wondering first of all about that ‘H’ word… Hmong (which by the way the H is actually silent!) In brief, the Hmong people are an Asian ethnic group originating from China and Southeast Asia. The Hmong population here at Crown has increased significantly in recent years, and it is exciting to see God calling more and more of the Hmong people here to study His Word, and further their education to advance His kingdom.

The HSF board this year included Eric Yang as president, Long Yang as vice-president, Jeremy Moua as treasurer, and me as secretary. Our purpose statement for the club this year was: The Hmong Student Fellowship exists to give Hmong Crown College students an opportunity to be exposed to ministries and network with local and/or national Christian leaders. We meet every Thursday night from 7pm to 9pm, in which we rotated each night between a forum night, guest speaker night, or fellowship night.

2012-13 HSF Officers

2012-13 HSF Officers From Left: Shouayee Moua - President, PZ Chang - Vice President, Peter Yang - Treasurer, Rancy Lor - Secretary

Together with with our weekly meets, it has been yet another amazing year filled with opportunities, blessings, and fellowship. God opened doors for us to go out and put to practice the ministry we are taught here at Crown. We were able to encourage and do ministry with three churches in Tracy, MN, Omaha, NE, and Akron, OH, in which they had just as much to offer us as we did them. We held an eggroll fundraiser on campus to raise funds for our ministry events, and grew closer as brothers and sisters working together to make it happen. We also hosted a Valentine’s event at a banquet center in the Twin Cities, inviting all the youth and single adult groups from the Hmong churches to join us in learning about Godly relationships. Through all these opportunities we as an HSF body were able to partake in, named and unnamed, big or small, we acknowledge and are thankful that none of it was possible without God.

I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to have served the Hmong student body this year, and the experience has made memories that I will never forget. I am excited to see the legacy of the HSF continue on at Crown, because I know that God is truly using this club for His purposes. I definitely encourage others as well to check it out and become involved in what the HSF is doing because though the club is called Hmong Student Fellowship, we are still brothers and sisters of the Coming King, and serve and audience of One!

By Stephanie Lee – HSF secretary – Communication Arts Major | Class of 2012


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