College Life – Time Balance

2011-2012 Women’s Soccer Team – Amanda Wichman is on the bottom right laying on the grass

by Amanda Wichman – Women’s Soccer – Class of 15′ at Crown College

Time can be one of the most stressful aspects of college.  When I was going away to school, people always told me that College was completely different than high school in the aspect of managing your time.  They were all right, and I quickly discovered that College would be a balancing act.  Along with school there is also work, sports, and trying to fit a social life into all this.

Being a student athlete is a tough, yet rewarding college experience.  It pushes you to your limits by taking your extra time very afternoon and even your weekends, but you truly learn discipline from being forced to manage your time in your very tight schedule.  You also create a bond with your teammates that you can’t get anywhere else.  You all go through the same things together, and if you do feel too stressed from homework, teams come together and are always willing to help each other.  I would suggest being a student athlete to anyone considering it.

If you add a job into the factor it can create a lot more conflicts within a college career.  This is definitely necessary for some students, but it is a great idea to try to get an on campus job.  On campus jobs ensure that you don’t have to factor in drive time, and your employer will be more flexible about hours and adjusting to the busier portion of a semester which, in the end, will lead to a less stressful job and school life.

There will always be ways to manage time to fit in all the extra activities you want, but it is always important to know your limits and be realistic of what you can handle.  Balance your life by doing the things you enjoy to make your college years memorable.

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